Adam Buffington is a composer and performer exploring the experiential effects of glacial physical movement and gesture in combination with quiet, delicate noise and prolonged silences.

His work has been presented at such venues as Hartford Art School, ROY G BIV Gallery (Columbus), Ely Center of Contemporary Art (New Haven), Real Art Ways (Hartford), 400 West Rich (Columbus), Mengi (Reykjavik), and Reykjavik Art Museum – Kjarvalsstaðir, amongst others.

He has recently studied at the Hartt School with Robert Carl and Ken Steen, and the Iceland Academy of the Arts with Atli Ingólfsson. He has collaborated with such composers and performers as Zach Rowden, Trevor Saint, Henry Birdsy, Matt Sargent, and Robert Carl.

He is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Historical Musicology at the Ohio State University.